Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.06.12 PMOne of my characters in “Aldar and the Golem of Prague”mentions that the Czech people like to make up legends about almost everything. 

(The following article was written by Raymond Johnston and published in May 2014 in the Prague Post. This is  one of the  mysterious places he talks about.The photo was also taken by Mr. Johnston)

The Petrified Servant.  Standing stones appear across Europe.  In the northern reaches of Prague there is such a stone, but it is engulfed in mystery.  The reddish stone, now on the edge of the front lawn of a suburban house in Dolini Charbry in Prague 8 has long been called Zkamenely slouha, or Petrified Servant.  It stands about as tall as a person,172 cm, and was moved to its current location from a nearby hill.  Possibly it was put in place as long as 7,000 year ago, long before Celts were in Bohemia.  Some similar stones have been attributed to an ancient culture called the Beaker People. Who erected it, why and how remains a mystery. It would have been alone in a field until recently when urban development encroached on its land.  Could it have been a religious site or simply a territorial marker?  We haven’t got a clue.  But somebody took some effort to put it there a long time ago.”